Gutter guards, maintenance delay replacement

When should I have my gutters cleaned?

Molloy: It’s best to clean them after seeds have fallen in the spring, and after leaves have fallen in autumn.

Drake: The more trees on your property, the more frequently your gutters will need to be cleaned. An average cleaning costs $175.

DeVore: You should clean your gutters once in the spring and in the fall.

How do I know whether to repair or replace gutters?

Molloy: Visible rust on the exterior of the gutter is the best indication the gutters need replacement. If the gutter seams leak, causing fascia or soffit deterioration, it may be time to replace them.

Drake: Overflowing and gutters pulling away from the fascia board are general signs of impending repair or replacement. An expert needs to inspect the gutter system annually.

DeVore: You’ll know it’s time to repair or replace your gutter system once it starts leaking. The most common problem is when the sealant wears out. We recommend installing seamless gutters.

How much does it cost, and what are my options?

Molloy: Repair prices are less than replacement prices. Some homes lend themselves to copper or steel installations, which are considerably more expensive. The most common style is a K-style aluminum gutter.

Drake: Repairs are done on a time and materials basis and can typically be done in a half day. The most popular residential gutter is the K-style aluminum.

DeVore: We charge $70 per hour. To avoid having to clean your gutters often, install a high-quality gutter guard like Leaf Relief by Alcoa.

What’s the best way I can maintain my gutters?

Molloy: A quality aluminum hanging gutter system may last indefinitely, but pre-finished metal may need to be repainted after 20 years. The best way to extend its life is to install a cover to keep out debris.

Drake: New gutters should last approximately 20 years for aluminum. Life can be extended by properly maintaining your gutters – make sure you have a free-flowing gutter system at all times.

DeVore: On aluminum gutters, you should reseal seams every five years. Galvanized gutters can last 30 years if you repaint them every three years. Copper gutters could last more than 50 years, since their seams are soldered together.


Dave and Don Molloy, co-owners Molloy Roofing Company

Gabe Drake, sales and operations manager
Tecta America Zero Company

Dan DeVore, owner
DeVore Roofing LLC