About Us

Molloy Roofing TruckMolloy Roofing Co. has been serving the roofing needs of the Greater Cincinnati area since its founding in 1900 by H.J. Molloy. The company remains in the Molloy family to this day with Dave Molloy as president.

Many of the roofing materials & techniques used by our company at the time of its founding are still in use today, but many new systems have since been introduced. To maintain skills at peak levels, our staff is constantly retrained to be familiar with the latest methods, materials, systems and safety techniques. This enables us to efficiently provide the solution to any and all roofing needs ranging from a minor roof repair to the largest replacement.

Molloy Morning

Three Generatrions
E.J. Molloy, Dave Molloy and Don Molloy, representing three of the four generations of Molloy Roofing Co.